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(Step 2)    FHC PORTAL

The Family History Centre Portal Page now has a completely new design

The Portal values are now provided and operated by a special Chrome Extension

Whereas the Portal Page we have known for some years was accessed at
the Portal Page is now access at

However, the previous URL is still in use but will simply forward to the new URL.

This means that the Portal Status Tool does NOT now exist.

The Portal values of being able to access Premium Websites and Online
Image Records
are now provided by a Chrome Browser Extension

Please view and follow the instructions in this Help Article:
Family History Centre Premium Content Browser Extension

Most of our Family History Centre computers were installed with this new Chrome Extension in recent weeks by remote policy control (date of writing: 8 September 2021), thereby providing access to the Portal Page without need for a manual installation of the Extension. However, the Help Article provides all you need to fulfil a manual installation of the Extension, if required.

Some good news: it is now possible for our personal laptops to be configured with the Chrome Portal Extension, providing personal connection to the Premium Websites, but only when we are present in our Meetinghouses. The Extension will not function in our home environments. Smart phones and Tablets are not included.

The screenshot to the right shows the Family History Centre Premium Content Extension details when clicking the Green Disk Icon to the top right of the Chrome Browser Window.