Running a System File Check

A sfc or System File Check is a procedure run from the Command Prompt. This tool scans the whole of the Operating System to check for Corrupt System or Operating files.

If any corrupt files are found in the scan, the tool repairs them and if there are some files, which the tool cannot repair, a further specialised tool can be run in a similar way at the Command Prompt.

To run the System File Check, follow these steps:

Right-Click the Windows Start Icon.
Click on Windows Powershell (Admin)
[accept security with a YES]
At the Command Window you will see PS C:\WINDOWS\system32>
Just after the “greater than” character, type: sfc /scannow

(note: there is a one-character space between the c and the / characters)

The scan will commence and indicate progress by percentage and could take 20 minutes or more.

When the scan completes and if there are no issues, windows will report: Window resource protection did not find any integrity violations

If a further scan is needed to deal with corrupt files, which the initial scan could not deal with and you are working with a FHC computer, primarily, please seek the help of your Stake Technology Specialist and if he cannot help, he can call FamilySearch Support and tell the Support Agent you require technical help with a FHC computer. Provide a contact name and telephone number, and the name and unit number of the FHC.